Frequently Asked Questions about TRIANGLE

Why join Triangle?

Why not? Seriously though, Triangle provides countless benefits to its members. When joining Triangle you join a brotherhood -- and that means you're never stuck on your own again. Need a place to stay? Need a loan to pay rent? Triangle brothers will help you through any hardships you face. These are the men that will be next to you at your wedding and some of them will probably help carry your casket when you die. Triangle is a lifelong bond of friendship that simply can't be matched.

What is Rush?

Rush is the term fraternities use to describe a period where events are held in hopes of recruiting prospective members or "pledges". Usually we hold two weeks of free events where interested men can come learn about our organization and meet our members. Check our current rush schedule for a list of the events.

When is Rush?

Rush happens at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. Check back on the site for details on specific events during those times.

What is Pledging?

Pledging is the act of declaring your intention to become a member of a fraternity. It is a time period where you interact with the fraternity so we can decide if you are a good fit for us and most importantly, if we are a good fit for you. During this time, you'll get to know the brothers, become educated about the fraternity and our core values, and make the first step in building life-long bonds with the brother

What about hazing?

Triangle has strict rules against hazing and it is not tolerated. Please see our page on hazing for more information.

How much does it cost?

Surisingly little, in fact. On average, fraternity dues around the country vary widely, but tend to range in the $800-$1000 ballpark (per semester). Our dues are considerably less. We usually pay about $100 per person locally, plus $100 to national, per semester. Adding in costs for liability insurance and such, our dues are usually around $300 per semester. We work hard to make sure that we provide good value for that money though, and often the free meals and other benefits provided by that money exceed the upfront cost.

Pledges of the fraternity do not pay any dues, they are invited to all of Triangle's events free-of-charge. Triangle National charges a pledging fee of about $100, which pays for member education materials, the pledge pin, and other administrative costs. There's nothing the chapter can do about this fee -- we never see it. Nonetheless, the benefits to joining Triangle far outweigh the cost.

Well isn't that just "paying for friends?"

This is a phrase that gets tossed around fraternities regularly and is a common misconception. The friendship with brothers is only one aspect of what you get out of Triangle. Leadership, service, experience, a job market, a credit line, academic help... Triangle has a lot to offer other than just friendship.

What are Triangle's Greek letters?

Unlike most other Fraternities, Triangle does not have any greek letters. This sets us apart from other organizations. Triangle is short and to the point and is not easily confused with other fraternities.